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Where The Grass Is Greener...


So I've just graduated from University, and I have a degree…some may say I'm now an Adult. However, I’m not really sure what that means. But so far I've enjoyed adulthood, I'm now the legal drinking age in the US, and thats all being adult really means to me so far, and i’ve waited 21 long years for it, so I'm pretty happy. I spent the first month or so of leaving uni sad and miserable because I had left all of my closest friends behind and quickly they became my 4846 mile-away-friends, and then I had a lightbulb moment… that I don't need to reply on other other people for my happiness, and i suppose that’s a trait most humans have anyway, but when life gives you lemons you make a Gin and Tonic, right? The grass is always greener on the other side with me. When I was at uni, I wanted to be at home, and when I was at home I wanted to be at uni…and so on. The limbo of emotions were never ending, but now that limbo is more of a train track, with so many different directions. I have realised that I need to make the most of that green grass, and explore it in all it’s capacities.

So upon moving to the other side of the world to my best friends, I have come to the conclusion I need to find things to do and things to see that make me happy without having to rely on other people to for my emotional stability. This is where the blog comes in. I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs and thinking people who write them must have really cool lives to be able to create a blog out of it. Then it dawned on me that I can do cool things too and I have cool ideas (also known as ‘creative ridiculism’) and I love blogs so what’s stopping me from being a blogger myself? Myself is what was stopping me, and that calls for a change. I’m calling it my three-quaters-of-the-way-through-the-year-resolution; Do things that make me happy and blog about it.

So to I am, sat in Starbucks, (my first sign of happiness) writing this blog post because I find it really inspiring and my creative juices are flowing when I'm here…. LOL no, I'm just a bit of a basic bitch who is also a bit of a brand whore when it comes to Starbucks coffee, and I have a gold loyalty card, which is the coolest thing that has happened to me since my discovery of Sauvignon Blanc. While I write this I’m struggling to type on my laptop because I have an addiction like most other girls in this century, to excessively long acrylic nails, which is really ‘practical’, the hair on my arms are standing up and I'm freezing my tits off because the AC has to be at an extremely low temperature wherever you are in Houston. So, welcome to my blog.

What’s it all about? Basically I'm going to take you in an around all of the nooks and crannies of Houston…my way! A guess it's a bit of a lifestyle blog with fashion, beauty, travel, food, and whatever else I can find! Why? Because I love it. When will I start it? NOW.

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