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So in my first blog post, I spoke about how i'm somewhat lost in what we might call adulthood, but then I got to thinking....what even is an adult? and when do we become one? Then I found this book! BINGO!

Adult-ish by Cristina Vanko. This gem is basically a write/draw as you go book, recording all the things that you accomplish as you get closer to becoming an 'adult'. I've only managed to get through my first page of the book and already, i've got wine on my mind! Personally I don't feel like there is a point in anyone's life when they become an 'adult', although my mum reckons it's when she had her first child/ she still doesn't think she's an adult yet, and my dad reckons it's when he turned 18 (so we can see where I get my lifestyle habits from here). So whether it means I will at some point become an adult or not, I will be forever spending my money on silly books and going out clubbing until the day I die, because thats's what I enjoy, and I think, if you cant enjoy things as an 'adult' anymore, then reverse your adulthood, and be a child again for a day, i mean I'm doing alright for myself. However if there ever is a day where I feel I have reached adulthood, I'll definitely be hitting up this blog again, so stay tuned!

Highly recommend this book as a light read and maybe a fun 'colouring in' session. I did purchase this one from Urban Outfitters; if I knew how to add a 'buy this here' widget on my blog I would add that, but I don't really know what I'm doing on this yet, so here's the link. (I'll get there eventually)

Right, I'm off to pop open the prosecco! ;)

Stay bubbly!

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