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Monday's Mix n' Match

Since it's officially fall now, or actually it was probably a few weeks ago, here's a run down of my summer style in a nutshell!


I love a bit of Adidas! Yes, I know everyone does at the moment, but I just cant get enough! A little bit of Adidas stripe goes a long way...Or a lot, when I wear my two piece grey tracksuit! my mum hates it, but it's super comfy, and the leggings hug your body in all the right places ;) If you know, you know!


Similarly to how Shania Twain puts it, "men's shirts, short skirts, ohwahoho", except short shorts in my case! I love an oversized mens shirt to cover my flabby arms when I wear crop tops or sleeveless tees. Also although its like 100 degrees in Houston throughout summer, I don't like to have all my limbs uncovered, I just feel a little exposed, but that's just personal preference. This denim shirt is probably one of my favourites at the moment, as it does make me look a little bit like a crazy artist!


Oversized t-shirts, as dresses! This is definitely a trend that started ages ago for a lot of people, but I only really discovered that it looked good on me towards the end of summer, so I suppose this will be one of my Fall go to's as well! This bright yellow one I actually found amongst the horrendous state of a Zara sale (ignore the one broken nail int his pic, it's not like me to have a broken nail 0.0), and I'm not normally a yellow kind of gal, but the highlighter yellow is doing me good!


Denim Jackets! I have managed to collect about 4 just this summer, and this one is definitely my favourite, purchased at a vintage store in LA ( I know, sounds super exotic!). Paired with a crop top and super short shorts, voila! And those yellow sunglasses have been my staple accessory this summer, also bought in CA, but just at a 'cheapy' place on Venice Beach, I do love a bargain!

See ya later!

Stay Bubbly!

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