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The Book of Questions, Gregory Stock

Another book bought from Urban Outfitters that, I'm not sure I regret buying or not. I thought the questions would be fun and light hearted to read... but they're definitely not. Some are very morbid and disturbing, but I've managed to pick out a few that were entertaining and also things that I don't think I've ever thought about before.

The Book of Questions.

118: If you knew you were about to die of a heart attack in a year, would you alter the life you have now? If so, how?

- I probably would if I had been asked this question 3 years ago. But I'm pretty content with my life right now, although i'm working for free and the bottom of the food chain, I'm enjoying being a part of the fashion industry and striving to work my way up.

120: If you had to flee the country tomorrow, where would you go? Why?

- I would definitely go somewhere I have been before, and somewhere I love, because by the sounds of this question I feel like I wouldn't be able to leave, I don't know why but I just get that impression, also if you already know me well, you'll know I am just obsessed with California. So my place would definitely be Santa Monica, California!

165: What is so important to you, that without it, your life wouldn't be worth living? Would your answer have been different 10 years ago?

- Definitely my iPhone! UGH! I literally can't live without it, I sleep with it in my hand most nights and don't let it leave my hand once I wake up! 10 years ago, my answer probably would've been boys, because I was 11 and just started to discover what 'fancying' a boy meant! Everyone love a bit of eye candy, even at the age of 11! Hahahah!

168: If you could wake up on the body of someone else and assume their life, would you? Who would it be?

- If I could wake up one day as the Queen B, Beyonce! I definitely would for a while, but maybe not forever, dealing with that kind of limelight is a little too intense for me!

186: When was the last time you stole something? Why haven't you stolen anything since? What would you steal now if you were certain you wouldn't get caught?

- So when you're a student, and you're low on money...and all you need is 2 more meals before you get paid again..... and every night you stand in the supermarket next to the reduced section but really you want fresh chicken thighs, not the thighs that are about to go out of date in a few hours..and sometimes...just sometimes you gotta just swap the stickers...and there you have it, fresh chicken thighs for only 60p!!!!!!! Miracle!

193: Do you ever spit, clean your teeth, or pick your nose in public?

- I picked my nose once in my car...and someone saw me, so never again! it's so typical isn't it!

236: If you could give someone a love potion that would so open their heart to you that they'd be hopelessly in love with you forever, would you? If so, who?

- ZAC EFRON! Without a doubt! every since High School Musical came out, Troy Bolton has had my heart! <3

276: Do you ever find yourself saying things to people - just to be polite - that you don't mean? - Do you pretend to have enjoyed their company?

Yes, but only because of common courtesy and etiquette. Just because I haven't enjoyed someone's company, doesn't mean they deserve to be treated or spoken to rudely. I'm all about tolerating people for the sake of etiquette politeness....despite my occasional aggressive tone and assertive presence I have been told I have on several occasions.

277: If you could put a near-perfect lie detector on your phone to flag any dishonesties, would you? If so, would you use it a lot, or just for very specific conversation?

- NO, because A. I have a really good lie radar, I'm not an idiot so don't lie to me, and B. if you think you can lie to me and don't know that my lie radar is off the chain, then you clearly don't know me that well at all.

If any of you have this book or now, want to get it, let me know which questions you thought were interesting and I'd like to hear and answer them for myself too!

I'll probably find more that I'll continue to answer in other posts in the future, so stay tuned bad bitches in the club, and stay bubbly!

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