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  • Roxanne McAdam

Festivals Are An Excuse For Glitter! (and wine)

It's no secret that I love dressing up for a festival, and covering my face in glitter, I also always manage to pick a really impractical outfit for most occasions; style over practicality right?! Unfortunately I only managed to go to ACL for one day, so I only managed to put together one festival outfit for the weekend, but a funky one at that!

My signature sequin kimono was a festival pic from Pretty Little Thing from earlier this summer. The boots are obviously the classic Doc Marten. Leather look body suit was Zara, and the shorts were Levi's but I found these babies at a vintage boutique in LA this summer. And the glitter look, was made with a mixture of 'cheapy' glitter from a craft store and Gypsy Shrine. As for my accessories, i just wore my collection of silver rings that I wear on a daily basis, my choker and chains are from Charming Charlie's, cool ass pink sunglasses that don't actually protect your eye from the sun are from cheapy reliable ol' Forever XXI.

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Stay bubbly!

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