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Looking After My $ at a time!

One of the biggest reasons I don't tend to buy all the fancy shmancy shit for your skin is because they're pricey AF, and I have a bad habit of spending all my money on clothes and sun beds in stead of looking after my skin (which I guess defeats the whole purpose of looking after my skin but....I like to be tanned so what can I say hey). As of today I have decided to start looking after my skin more because I not only have been working a lot recently which is beginning to take its toll, I've started, for the first time in about 3 years, breaking out on my face and chest, and I'm not enjoying it one bit! When I was in high school I was obsessed my looking after my skin, with cleansers, toners, exfoliators and moisturisers coming out of my arse, but now...I suppose I just have more bad habits than of which is probably my blood alcohol level. But also my body is still getting used to living full time in Houston's humidity again, so thats affecting it too. It makes my arms and legs often break out in little sweat spots and red bumps...cute I know!

The products shown below are my new favourite products at the moment and my first steps to looking after my skin again.

As many people are talking about and using this product at the moment, I thought I'd see what all he fuss was about, with the Frank's Body Coconut Coffee Scrub. And it's safe to say, it does wonders to your skin. Not only does it smell so lush, it makes your skin feel smooth and rejuvenated and it helps to reduce the bumpiness on my arms and legs. It also makes your bath/shower look like you've just dropped a whole Starbucks franchise into it.

My moisturiser is the Hempz Fresh Coconut and Watermelon. This stuff is bloody amazing! So since I use sun beds I need a good, deep moisturiser that doesn't just sit on the skin but proper sinks in, a bit like me into the sofa after a bottle of wine! It's also great because its free from additives, since it is made 100% from hemp seed oil. It's also vegan, paraben free, gluten free and incase you didn't notice the logo, do not worry I am not rubbing marijuana onto my body, it is in fact THC free, (if you don't know, please google). This honestly is the shit. And I have been moisturising my body since I was about 13, just because I liked the smell of body lotions, but this one truly makes my skin feel like a new born baby's bottom! And it comes in so many other flavours!

The next thing is my face. Now I haven't got any pictures of them because my products are a bit used looking because I use them everyday obviously and you to keep the blog looking pretty and that! So to actually cleanse and moisturise my face use Aveeno products and have done since I was about 18. With this I definitely swear by the saying that most dermatologists will tell you,"once you find something that works, stick to it" because this stuff is like wine to my pores, and as soon as I stop using it, I break out. It's literally magic!

I have also started to use some facemasks/eyemasks here and there mostly because I just look so tired all the time with my 7 day work schedule at the moment, so I hope that they make me look better, if coffee doesn't do the trick. The eye rejuvenating gels are literally a dream come true, and I am really prone to deep bags under my eyes, so if you are to, highly recommend! The face masks work...but not long term. Although I definitely have fallen in love with using them simply for relaxation purposes and simply because I'd like to think they make a difference, but in actual fact I really don't think they do anything to my face. I have pretty tough skin so I guess it just doesn't affect me as much as it does others. But this orange one which is an Urban outfitters exclusive, is one of my favourites, it brightens and and refreshes me!

To take off my makeup every night I have always used the notoriously awful makeup wipes, every brand and every kind! I know, they're terrible for your skin and the environment, but that's never something I have taken into consideration...soooooooo now is the perfect time to make that change. I have started using the Garnier SkinActive Micellar water now to take all my makeup off and it works a treat! My face has never felt cleaner and more fresh before going to bed until this week, literally! I know loads of people have been using this miracle water for ages now, but coming from someone who has never really cared about the products I use or the environment (sorry tree huggers) but I highly recommend this one!

Now that you all know I am on the road to super glowing skin...(Also I just realised how many times I've said skin... soz)


And stay bubbly!

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