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This week I went on a mission to find the perfect NUDE...lipstick!

I don't know about anyone else but I feel like all the 'perfect' nude colours that are advertised like MAC's teddy or whatever it's called and Kylie's Lip kits, are just never the right nude for me. I must have some weird ass skin tone compared to everyone else.... I do know its a little yellow pigmented which I suppose could affect that, you know thinking about primary colours clashing and all that jazz!

I actually have no idea why, I just made that up.

BUT....nevertheless, upon my search for the perfect NUDE and after extensive research covering my hand in lipstick, I found the nude that works!

Its called Velvet Matte in the colour, Beach Casual by NYX, and I pair it with the Slide on glide on, stay on, and definitely turn on lip liner by NYX (bit of a mouthful....if I'd have known about that name I wouldn't have bought it for my blog post for goodness sake!) in the colour Nude Suede Shoes, to you know over line a little bit and make my lips look super pouty and delicious like Kylie's, cuz you know, goals, and I cant afford lip fillers!

SO yeah, this lip colour is so perfect for my skin, and if you have a skin tone like me that's pale but uses sun beds so you're kind of a patchy olive tone, the this is the lipstick for you my friends and pals!

PS. Do not be alarmed! I do not have deformed eyelids.... I have taken to wearing stick on eyelashes because I cant afford extensions, but you know eyelashes still gotta be on fleeeeeek. This is what I get for working for free...

Stay Bubbly Ya'll....

Actually, just stay bubbly...that'll do.

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