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Jumping on that Gypsy 'band' Wagon

If you're a Houstonian born and bread, you'll know that Houston's always got little surprises popping up around every corner at the moment, and no I don't mean the homeless men with their willies out... (if you know)

On my day off this week, I went on a little adventure to the Heights, and came across this super cute store called The Gyspsy Wagon. Of course, on November 5th it was completely decked out with Christmas decorations, why wouldn't it be?

Reminding me a lot of Free People and Anthropologie, for those hippy mums out there, I had a ball browsing at all of their little trinkets and accessories, feeling very cultured and nostalgic after leaving; it may have been the 10 candles burning that got to my head or the 6ft long DRUGS sign on the wall that just purely confused me....but nevertheless a great experience!

It just so happened that on the day I went there was a little pop up shop of handmade accessories called, Colores, where I picked up the tasseled earrings. A little out of my comfort zone, but cute and I'm sure super gypsy to say the least! I also managed to find this super amazing glittery tassel keyring, and for those that have known me for a long time, I used to collect keyrings when I was little so I still have a huge collection of random shitty little ones under my bed somewhere (that would definitely make a goof blog post thinking about it..stay tuned!) and after about a week of using it and it getting in my way while I'm driving, i'll join all the other under my bed, but i'll do my best!

Now that I have been to the shop, I am officially on the wagon of the gypsy kind, and i apparently like things with tassels...if you know what i mean... ;) (Christmas is coming up and i definitely spotted some Christmas pudding nipple tassels somewhere, they'll definitely be on the list in a minute!) Anywho....great shop!

For my outfit of the day (or OOTD for those who are super hip and have known what that meant for years...I genuinely only discovered what that acronym stood for this I went with the super wintery colour, luminous yellow since it hit a very low temperature this week in Houston of 83F/28C, so I wrapped up in my Doc martens to top off my outfit. As you can see the weather is so cold and windy I had to squint in these photos, even though I had glasses on my head.

And no, I did not get a stranger to take this photo of me because I had a day out on my own, I went back the next day in the same outfit to get a shot with my highly experienced and talented photographer (Mummy McAdam).

Definitely give The Gypsy Wagon a visit, and stay bubbly!

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