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  • Roxanne McAdam

Pretty Little Thing.... no, not me, the brand.

You're going to think I am a little confused between the terms blogger and vlogger, but no, I'm not, I just felt that after such distaste toward my order from pretty little thing that I had to show you what the garments really looked like on me, which you wouldn't be able to see through images so here is my first ever vlog! I planned this post to essentially be a 'Pretty Little Thing haul and try on' because I have been so excited for this order to come in...even though it took about 3 years to arrive, however.... well, you just gotta watch.... the video will explain it all, maybe in a little more detail than you'd need but hey we go!

PS. Excuse the 'not understanding' you have to look into the lens, not the screen.... LOL first vlog ever vibes. Also for some reason I only use UK sizing references, so apologies: UK 10 is a US 4 and UK 8 is a US 2! Bear with!

Enjoy and stay bubbly guys!

#fashion #tryon #disappointed #tits #winterclothes #winterfashion #croppedjumper #leggings #black #red #nude #badfit

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