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  • Roxanne McAdam

OMGeeeeee it's totally Friday! Let's be totally fashionable so I can make #fashionfriday po

It's Friday, and its still not cold in Houston but I refuse to wear summer clothes still every day of the week in November, so although I was sweating my tits off in this outfit, I had to wear the long sleeves. I love this top, it's an Urban Outfitters Renewal, so each one is one of a kind, unfortunately for you guys, so you can get them in other colours, but just not the same as mine, and I know that's what you really wanted ;)

The jeans are Missguided distressed boyfriend jeans that I love for the winter. I know most people cant stand white in winter but I think its quite fresh and youthful, especially in a denim, I also live in a sunny place so it wouldn't make a difference!

The fishnet socks are just cheapy ones from Primark and I almost always wear them with my battered white reeboks, because I'm super fresh and cool you know!

And obviously the outfit is topped off with a pair of my ghetto ass hoooooops.

Stay bubbly!

#fashion #trend #urbanrenewal #unique #white #winter #ffresh #missguided #boyfriend #jeans #distressed #denim #primark #hoops #cheapy #colour #sweaty #tits

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