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Champagne Showers and Christmas Carols... (that sort of rhymes right?)

It's Christmas and time to drink more champagne than your normal dosage.

Well actually now it’s 2018 and this post is about 2 weeks too late but, better late than never while I figure out my new year new me resolution bit! Also where the fuck did 2017 go? Mostly to my liver but hey ho was a good and interesting year to say the least!

Right so know I’m pretty fabulous 99% of the time, but I feel at Christmas time, theres a little pressure to be that little bit more fabulous than usual! So from December 1st to December 31st before reeling in the new year, I definitely do feel that I am about 99.99% fabulous. It's a time of partying and glitter and all around sparkle and maybe a little tongue action under the mistletoe, so why not make the bloody most of being able to wear sparkles and fur to every party (unless you’re already pretty fabulous and wear sparkles EVERYDAY, that’s next level fab darling!)

So lets start with Christmas eve, I just threw on some leopard pumps I already owned, obviously, but I bought this whole new outfit from a little boutique in Houston called BeeHive. I always love a bit of dark emerald green, leopard and who doesn't love a bit of bum fluff so why not put it all together?

Christmas day, there definitely is pressure to take a cute pic and look cute on snapchat and Instagram except for us, realistically we don’t see anyone on Christmas day since its just me, my Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister around who see me eating and drinking everyday anyway, so what’s different? Do I really feel like putting on makeup and a cute outfit when I’m already really hungover from overdoing it on Christmas eve once again just to eat a shit load of carbs and drink all day? No I really don’t, but ‘gotta do it for the gram’ obviously. So on Christmas day I actually pulled out an old jumpsuit from Michael Kors that’s super comfortable, elegant and obviously stretchy around the belly (if ya know what I mean). The shoes, which are super comfortable by the way, are Yves Saint Laurent, in a dark green velvet, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

Boxing day I decided to test out/ break in my new heels I had bought for new years and I lasted about 5 minutes in them, meanwhile my mum is bloody strutting about in her new Louboutin’s all night….0.0 how, I don’t know! Anywho, I wore a pretty simple outfit for boxing day, striped trousers from Zara that only fit after my Christmas day meal….and a cold shoulder black top from Zara, pretty basic but still fabulous…. wow I think I just found my new personal punch line for general everyday life….

Pretty Basic But Still Fabulous!

New Years is all about the sparkle, glitz and glam! My dress for NYE was from Beehive again and it wasn't too expensive, but there wasn't much fabric to it anyway so i guess that's why, I was pretty much naked, and yeah it was pretty cold to say the least with a thin layer of mesh covering my legs, especially since I spent my New Years in England! By about 2am the straps had broken, and who brings a spare outfit to new years, or anywhere, but it very quickly occurred to me that because I was already so naked, now that the straps had broken if i let go of the top....I was basically fully naked.... a safety pin held it momentarily but after an hour I just scavenged the house for some clothes to was an experience to say the least, but obviously kept my heels on! Gotta do what you gotta do!

Only another 12 months until the Christmas party season begins again! Have a fab New Year, and stay bubbly all you basic bitches!

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