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  • Roxanne McAdam

I had a Bahamama-mama Moment

If you are following me on instagram...which you definitely should be if not, you'll know I recently spent a few days away in paradise, Wearing summer clothes the only way I know how and binging on rum cocktails by the pool. Being that I knew I was going to be surrounded by a bunch of tourists who likely didn't care about fashion and were only in the Bahamas for the zero calorie cocktails, I had to go all out and get my self some new holiday gear to look fucking fabulous whilst also catching a bronzed glow (without having to stand naked in a spray tan booth.) The freckles were out, the buns were out and it was definitely a week filled with with some great head space...or maybe it was just the rum getting to me. Nevertheless, much needed time away!

#holiday #coktails #fashion #food #leisure #travel #luxury #bahamas #carribean #suntan #goldenglow

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