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The Big Apple

Sooooooooo... I was in New York about a month ago now, and to be honest I don't know what I have been doing if it hasn't been blogging. But here we are...

First time in New York and my credit card now has a large hole in it...What's new? New York definitely has a London feel to it, to be honest I kept forgetting I was in America, it was just so different to anywhere else I've been. Maybe it was the big city, or maybe it was the beautiful men on every corner, who knows! I thoroughly enjoyed my long weekend away from houston, after being in a little bit of a creative and personal rut for a while. From seeing friends, to drinking on rooftops, eating artichoke pizza (which I can't say I'll be doing again any time soon) and hella' shopping, It was a trip to remember, and has definitely helped my instagram game! ;)

You know when you used to go on a family holiday when you're a wee one, and the first dinner back at home your Dad goes around the table, and everyone has to say what was their highlight and low light of the holiday? ...No? ...Was that just the McAdams? Well I'm going to tell you mine anyway.

Highlight: Seeing all the cute and funky bars, and wandering around the Lower east Side pretending I knew where I was going.

Lowlight: The constant hangover I had for 4 days.

It's safe to say I could definitely see myself in the foreseeable future living in New York. Call me Carrie Bradshaw...

And Stay Bubbly!

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