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  • Roxanne McAdam

Getting GLOSSIER By the Day

In NYC I took a little trip down glossier lane to find a little penthouse suite filled with makeup, beauty and bits and bobs...what more could you want?

By that I mean I went to the Glossier store, and it literally was a penthouse.

So obviously being that I was in NYC and I spent the day on my own wandering the streets in my pink Adidas tracksuit, I had to make a small purchase! I ended up buying the pink liquid eyeshadow, the Haloscope highlighter in gold, the clear lipgloss (because I thought I was going to start getting on this glossy lip and eye hype, but I haven't... LOL) and the Body Hero body lotion.

I can't say their products are my favourite makeup items I have ever bought, but honestly I just #diditforthegram, and hell' does my instagram look poppin' now? Yes, yes it does! The body lotion is probably my favourite product out of the four that I purchased; it's super duper moisturising and nourishing, makes my skin feel like a baby's bottom all day long! The liquid eyeshadow I thought would be my thing, being shimmery and that, but no, it's not at all. It's not very pigmented and I like my eyeshadow to be blindingly obvious and colourful! I can't say I have actually used the lip gloss yet, it just looks cute in my lipstick stand in my bedroom, haha, but I will at some point, I promise! As for the highlighter, again it's not blinding enough for me. When I wear highlighter I do like to cake it on so that when someone takes a picture or when the sunlight hits my gleaming face everyone is literally blinded; just when you think your beauty is blinding but actually its your glowingly think layer of gold highlighter.

Nevertheless the actual shop itself was beautifully designed and the atmosphere was roaring. The brand have definitely nailed their cosmetic aesthetic from the minimalist design of the products to the pink jumpsuits worn by the employees. My favourite part, by far, is the little pink zip lock pouches that your products come in. Super cute, and reusable.

That's it for now folk....

Stay Bubbly!

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