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As England's Heat wave is coming to an end, I thought I best do a post about all the serious festival outfits I have been slaying this summer... if I do say so myself!


This kimono...this kimono... has changed me this summer... I have gone from a denim on denim kinda gal to an 'all prints and any prints will do' kinda gal! Even the lad in the background is thinking "damn that is some kimono she's got there". I would never have picked up this kimono a year ago, but in the very moment I saw it, it was indeed love at first sight; in fact it's literally me in a nutshell: bold, bright, and a little bit tarty. And yes, you might be thinking, you will never wear that kimono outside of a festival, and I did initially buy it just for the festival season, but like most things I buy with the intention of returning, this one stayed in my cupboard, and will stay there until I decide I've over worn it for Instagram.


You know what I hate about leopard print in fashion? If it's in fashion, everyone will wear it, if it's not considered 'trendy' it's tacky! Now I know everyone and their mum is bloody wearing leopard at the moment, but if you ask me it's always in fashion, the animal itself is bloody beautiful, and I look great in their skin? So why the heck not? It also hides all the lumps and bumps that any other coloured, tightly fitting trouser wouldn't do.

Prisoner meets gogo dancer? I'm digging it to be honest ... black and white stripes are definitely one of my favourite prints to wear all year around, bright, bold and very up and down; a bit like me in the heeled boots I was wearing with these. Note to self: don't wear heels at a festival...YES, I know I know, why on earth would anyone wear heels to a festival, serious safety hazard! But if you look at the length of those trousers and the lack of height on me... they were essential!

Also if there is anyone out there who doesn't own Doc Martens yet, you've to go get yourself some... I have literally been living in them this summer, and I know they're boots and you're thinking why on earth would you decide to wear leather high top boots in this heat wave? Well lemme' tell ya, they are hands down THE most comfortable shoes I have ever owned, and they make me look like I'm so trendy I'm going to a festival everyday, so why not!


Although Houghton did rain like a tonne of bricks this past weekend, I still managed to throw on some sass and sparkles to drown out the fact that all of my clothes were wet, and I looked like a drowned rat most of the weekend! I did have more funky festival gear planned out, but the rain killed the vibes; much like the way it killed the poor gazebo.

Everyone needs to channel their inner Baby Spice at some point, and here I am! Although this definitely wasn't originally my intentions with this sequinned number, it's definitely all I'm seeing now! And I know the bit that holds the 'tatas' is definitely too small on me, making me look like I've got the chest fo a 70 yer old woman, but I just had to get the sequins out for the one sunny day we had at houghton! Suns out, girls out!

The cycling shorts trend.... is definitely a trend I am rinsing dry at the moment; another way to hide all the lumps and bumps nobody needs to see. As if a baggy top and cycling shorts is a trend now? I'll take it, I might as well be wearing pyjamas it's so comfy! I know I do look like a bit of a confused baseball player, but this outfit was one of those spontaneously put together outfits for the rain! Needless to say it's working out alright!

There's more festival outfits to come, but I'll leave this with you to enjoy for now!

Stay Bubbly!

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