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  • Roxanne McAdam

Love actually IS all around.

I'll tell you what.... I bloody love Christmas... and winter...and I feel like everyone else should too! Not only do you get to wear furry, cosy coats and boots for 4 months, you also get to eat whatever the bloody hell you want and be able to cover it up easily with the furry coats... see, there are some benefits to the Christmas season.

All this 'how to get through the holiday season' nonsense is just putting a negative bubble around the season before it's even begun. I swear people were literally miserable about Christmas in October.... and I know I do get a bit excited about playing christmas songs in october, but there's no need for everyone to be a scrooge for an extra 6 weeks, okay. I'll play my Christmas music to myself while you sit there and figure out how you're going to bring the summer back.... but be careful because you're going to be sat there for a while.

It's time to go get yourself a cosy new teddy coat with a hood and a cheeky mulled wine, because the winter is here, and it's going to be here for a while, so you'd better all make the most of it. Wishing the winter away is just as bad as wishing any time away! Live in the moment, and in the present, not for the future. Why are we worrying and wishing for something in the future yet, we haven't even got through the 'now'. A wise man once said to me, "all this time you spend worrying about the future, you're missing out on the now", and that's so bloody true!

Getting through and making the winter season the best you can possibly make it, will make your summer when you get there even more worth your while, because you won't be sad that you just wished a whole 4 months away without living in those moments. We haven't got much time here, so whatever the weather, whatever the season, whatever family member you are going to have to spend christmas morning with whom you absolutely despise, make the most of it, because it's not everyday we get to wear sparkly outfits and drink our body weight in mulled wine and prosecco! (Well, unless you do actually do that, then I'm really jealous of you, because that sounds like a f***ing great way to be spending the whole year if you ask me.) Christmas is meant to be a time of good cheer and ..... wine! So get your bums over to Lidl (or Walmart) and buy some cheap ass wine and chocolates and just enjoy yourself for a second... or if you're not into that, enjoy yourself doing whatever you're into doing. Everyone has family fights at christmas, everyone has enemies and everyone has losses, but tell that person you love them, if you haven't told them in a while, because if there's ever a right time to do that, it's at Christmas. And for goodness sake, JUST MAKE THE MOST OF IT.

What i'm trying to say here is that, just because it's winter, and maybe we don't see as much sunlight as we'd like, it doesn't mean we can't still do things we love, and laugh and smile endlessly with the people we love unconditionally, 'because it's Christmas, and at Christmas we tell the truth'..... not really sure where I was going with that... been watching too much Love Actually.

Basically if you wake up and tell yourself that you are going to have a shit day because it's cold and because its winter, then you are going to have a shit day. I want you, to wake up tomorrow morning, and smile because it IS christmas, and that also means Summer is only another 5 months away.... instead of 8.... so there you go, that's something to smile about! Also christmas lights, fairy lights, shiny Christmas baubles, pigs in blankets, cheese boards and Mrs. Claus outfits are all very good reasons to be grateful for the Christmas season!

Love actually IS all around.

(seriously though if you haven't seen that movie, you haven't lived)

Now that it's acceptable to say.... have a very Merry Christmas Ya'll.

Stay Bubbly!

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