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  • Roxanne McAdam

Black is always back.

I’ll tell you bloody what, it's so hard in the winter to get out of the funk of wearing all black aaaaaaaaallll the time. Well for me anyway. Sometimes I think, maybe I'm just an all black kinda girl now.... and then I see my red fluffy coat in my cupboard and I think, 'nah I am definitely a colour kinda gal'. But hey ho, I guess we all go through phases right? Or does everyone have one style that they stick to all year/ season round, and maybe I'm just super indecisive? oh god, who knows... I just wear what I feel like wearing. You know actually sometimes I feel like what I wear, reflects my emotions, or how I’m feeling on that particular day, is that weird? Maybe I'm just trying to be too ‘in touch’ with my feelings…. Or im just generally a basic bitch. Once again I’m going off on a tangent….

Cargo pants and steel-toe boots are basically my signature at the moment because who the bloody hell doesn’t love a good, THIIIC boot to scare people away? Not even joking, every time I wear these boots, as soon as someone sees me and then proceeds to check out my outfit (happens all the time, I know, I'm really cool…) the first thing they say is “Daaaaaaammnnnn girl, those are some hefty boots you got there” and my response is usually “What, do you not like them?” Mostly because deep down what I really want to say is “Yes bitch, don’t mess with me”! But I would never say that, because I don’t want to give away the fact that I’ve got some stealth moves up my sleeve… or boot…

Going back to the cargo pants….these are my absolute fave atm, not this particular pair in the picture but the style generally! Even though my mum says they look like dustbin bags on my legs, I personally think (if you get the right fit) they are really flattering… you know, ass and titties kinda deal!

Peace out for now sass chickens!

And… STAYYYYYYY bubbly!

(I always think if I was a Youtuber, would I actually say that out loud…. When I type it out I say it in my head as if I’m on a children’s TV show, and I’m not really sure why, but I’d hope that that isn’t actually what I’d sound like if I did have a youtube channel…hmmm thoughts.)

Okay bye!

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