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Cleopatra, comin' atcha...

OH hey...

No, I'm not announcing the comeback of the 90's girl band Cleopatra, soz. But, that is a great song, and if you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, google it.

So... this is me announcing that Roxy and The Blog IS BACK....I know I know, everytime I hit a small milestone in the year I write a post saying 'I swear I'll be back and posting more content...' and then surprise, surprise, I don't....

But (incase you haven't already heard...) I just finished my Masters degree from London College of Fashion, and I'll tell you bloody what, I am more than ready for the real world outside of the Uni library, and I am absolutely never writing a dissertation ever again.... it was fun, somewhat, but I'm good for now. I have now received my results, and it's safe to say I have achieved a Masters Degree in Strategic Fashion Marketing, and I'm OFFICIALLY unemployed.... sorry, FUNemployed!

So here she is Cleopatra... coming RIGHT BACK Atcha! (I honestly don't know why I'm referring to Cleopatra... I have absolutely 0 similar qualities to that band, other than being super cool, it's just been in my head ALL DAY!)

To mark the return of the blog, I thought I'd start with a list of top 10 things I have learnt over the last year about myself, and just life in general:

1. I am much better at journalistic writing than academic writing, according to all my Uni tutors anyway lol...maybe I should've done a journalistic writing degree, who knows, you live and you bloody learn.

2. I surprisingly enjoy reading textbooks, when its about something I actually enjoy, more than fictional books (because I certainly haven't read many of those, and if you know me you'll know Charlotte's Webb is my favourite fictional book, followed closely with Cheryl Cole's Biography [which isn't even fictional lol]).

3. Reminder to always wear something comfortable when you're going to be sat in a library for 12 hours, forget the cute outfit and the makeup...

4. Leon's £5 breakfast sandwich + coffee is life saving.

5. Dry shampoo is my best friend, although it really always has been, Queen of washing her hair once a week over here....

6. You don't need to print out a copy of your 336 page document every time you make some changes on your journalistic spelling and grammar...

7. You don't have to buy a coffee every time you take a break.

8. Don't forget your ID card.

9. Happy Hour is also my best friend (peace out to The Finery, lifesavers who still annoyingly ID me to this day, and probably forever will...)


Peace... Stay Bubbly YA'LL!

Catch ya soon!

This is me looking semi-bald, semi-professional!

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