• Roxanne McAdam


Pressure... pushing down on me, pressing down on you.

... under pressure... DO DO DO DA DA DO DO, DO DO DO DA DA DO DO

OH sorry, got a bit carried away there, bloody love that song, and you know what...it’s so relevant.

If you’ve had your eyes open for the last 5-10 years... you will know that there has been SO much pressure on all of us to be doing one thing or another ... Well I'll tell you bloody what, we are not all super human alright....

...There's pressure on our planet with climate change, pressure on ourselves and our mental health and well-being, pressure for who we are voting for, pressure to make sure you're socialising but also making time for yourself, but also working your ass off. Pressure to save money but also spend it on living your best life, pressure to do what your parents think is right, pressure to do what you want to do with your life, pressure to visit family when you can, pressure to go out every weekend and drink away your week at work, pressure to just do a lot of things that society is bombarding us with and telling us to do, or you might just feel like you have to do them because everyone else is. Just a lot of pressure.

It’s so hard to not feel pressure when we have people left right and centre telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. Be vegan, be conscious, be a feminist, be nice to everyone, be beautiful in your own skin, be successful, be happy, be fit, be healthy, be sad because its okay to cry, be happy because life's great... well you know what, I dunno about you but I can just about manage one of those things, let alone all of them at the same time, and that's not even the half of it.

I have had a pretty hectic year to say the least and the pressure gets to me, it really does, no matter how bubbly or carefree I may come across (you might also think I'm a moody bitch, that's cool too), it has been tough. Basically my message to you today, is that putting pressure on yourself and listening to the pressures of society to do all these things at once is toxic to yourself. Do the things that you CAN do to be a good person and a conscious human, and make sure it fits into your lifestyle not someone else's, because as soon as you change the way you have chosen to live your life because you feel like you should or because someone has told you to, your happiness becomes disrupted. So do the things that you CAN do in the 24 hours we are given in a day, because you're not superhuman and your mind and wellbeing is more important than how many vegetables you ate this week, or how many times you went to the gym, (lol clearly this is something on my mind today).

Lastly, something I have to tell myself a lot... Just CHILL THE F**K OUT, everything's going to be okay...and I'm preaching that to you too!

Just a little food for thought to get the Christmas season going (even though I've been in full Christmas spirit for about 2 months lol).

Peace, love and happiness to you all, even if I don't like you.

Stay Bubbly!

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