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Its the EYE OF THE TIGER, it's the thrill of the fight... Risin' UP to the challenge of our rivaaaaaaaal...


Again, got distracted coming up with a name for this post, soz.

SO TODAYYYYYYY, I have some animal print outfit inspo! If anyone ever tells you leopard print is tacky or out of fashion... they're living under a rock, and they need to be sent my way to give them a piece of mind okRRRRR! It's great because it's for everyone ya know? It's for the trashy mums with their saggy tits hanging out, it's for the chavs with their Adidas on top... (oh shit I put leopard with my Adidas in this... guess I'm a chav too then... cool), its for the boys who like to run wild with their fashion, it's for basic bitches.... think I've pretty much covered everyone there - and if I haven't please don't be shy to send me a DM... but a nice one.

Basically Leopard is THE SHIT, and I don't care what anyone says... I will be wearing it till the day I die... HELL... BURY ME IN IT BITCHES!!

Leopard, (well any animal print really, apart from maybe a rabbit, pretty dull and boring tbh) is the shiiiit! I just think leopard print never goes out of fashion, whether ASOS says so or not. I've been wearing animal print since the day I swam out of my Mum's womb in a leopard print dress, seriously, I was a fashionable ass alien baby. Anyway, hope you enjoy the animal print madness in this weeks fashion INSPO *queue peace sign hands* (sorry that was so cringe, I'm never saying that again...).

Stay Bubbly Ya'll. PEACE!

Outfit details:

1: shirt - Jaded LDN, trousers - Urban Outfitters, shows - Buffalo, belts - Zara/ ASOS

2: trousers - vintage, bodysuit - Pretty Little Thing, jacket - Urban Outfitters, shoes - Buffalo

3: jacket - Zara (still has the tag on it because I couldn't decide if I wanted to return it or not... way past the point of no return no LOL), top - I think Pretty Little Thing, but who knows, trousers - Zara, boots - Doc Marten.

4: jacket - vintage, dress - Motel Rocks, belt - (really fucking old, and basically falling apart) Michael Kors, boots - Doc Marten.

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