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A little Spring in your step

See what I did there ;)

Even though we are inside, we can still dress cute and pretend like we have places to be, so here's some Spring outfits to please all those fashionable souls out there!

If you follow me on instagram (which you should be if you're reading this because it's pretty f***ing fabulous if I do say so myself), you will know that I've had a massive clear out of my room, much like basically everyone on the planet during lockdown, and all I keep doing is finding t-shirts that I want to cut up into crop tops, and im finding it very therapeutic - so theres a lil activity for any of you who like to show a bit of belly.

PS. you'll notice I actually cleaned my mirror this time, and yes for the time being all my styling posts will be taken in the mirror, because... well I can't go anywhere!

Stay bubbly Ya'll, and Stay Home! xx

Outfit details: (from top row to bottom row)

1: Denim shirt - vintage (cropped by me), denim shorts - vintage Levi's,gold belt - Zara, shoes - Clavin Klein.

2: Dress - ASOS, shoes - Clavin Klein.

3: Denim Jacket - vintage, denim skirt - Nasty Gal, bodysuit - Zara, shoes - Clavin Klein.

4: Crop top - Pretty Little Thing, trousers - Zara, jacket - Zara, shoes - Clavin Klein.

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