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  • Roxanne McAdam

Did You Say NAOPAKO?

I'm not gonna lie, lockdown is SOOOOOOOOO dead.... I'm bored AF man!

BUT, it does mean a lot of scrolling time... and a lot of scrolling time means ...discovering new brands left, right and centre. PEW PEW PEW PEWWWWWWW

HONESTLY my DM's are popping.... LOL no I'm joking they're not at all, but any-who that means nothing anyway, creativity is priceless... A bit like the designs of Naopako tees. I can't get enough!

Honestly, I look at their website every day pretty much to see what's gonna drop next, and I'm not even joking my housemates and I all have the same top... maybe we'll start some sort of lockdown band, who knows... but also maybe NOT. None of us are musically talented AT that would probably be the worst girl band in history...(also we wouldn't be a girl band because I live with a boy too).

Anyway! I have been having a lot of fun recently experimenting with styling one garment with different outfits... so here I PRESENT TO YOU... the graphic tee (a Naopako original, avec... some other outfit pieces!

Stay Bubbly ya'll!

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