• Roxanne McAdam

Here she comes...Walkin' down the street...she get the funniest looks frooom...Everyone she meeeeeet

Hey Hey This is Roxy....

And people say she monkey around

But she too busy singing...

To put anybody doooooooown...

She just tryna be FRIENDLEYY... (I think I just skipped an entire chorus...still a great tune, and also no idea why it was in my head just then).

Okay sorry, and I'm BACK IN THE ROOM...

SO I have been working on a little video edit that started out as a 'makeup tutorial' but turns out I didn't do a lot of tutoring in the video, and I also don't really know anything about makeup, I just slap it on and hope for the best apparently... so it's more of a 'watch me do my makeup while I chat sh**' kind of video. ALAS, hopefully it cracks a smile and entertains!

I also make this awful snorting noise throughout, SOZ, and I get a liiiiiiiiittle bit too close for to the camera, so I apologise for putting you that close to my pores.

Cool. Enjoy!

Stay Bubbly and Stay Home!

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