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Living life on the edge...

...No, seriously... I was genuinely scared of falling off the edge of this wall, not even joking!

But on a MORE serious note... I am thoroughly enjoying styling outfits for my blog at the moment, and every time I do, I wonder why I don't do this for my own outfits in my normal day to day life (outside of COVID 19 and lockdown lol, cuz lets be real I have been in PJs since mid-march) so that I have a backlog of outfits ready to go for any occasion and getting ready for any event, EVER would be 10x more efficient and just easier to be honest... Then I remembered... I'm a lazy bitch and procrastination is probably one of my best skills and would never get round to doing it. So that's that.

ANYWHOOOOO... TODAY we have a collection of outfits that I like to call "all white erthangg". I do love a cheeky all-white outfit. WHOS WITH ME?!



...cool. Well, hopefully, these fab photos - taken via Facetime (very creative I know...) - can help inspire you to get with the program and wear some all-white outfits Y'ALL! Obviously in your own garden or on one of your unlimited forms of exercise a day!

Stay Bubbly Ya'll - And stay safe!

Outfit details:

1: Ruffle top - Reclaimed Vintage

2: Frilly blouse - SUPER OLD Zara, jeans - TK Max (Zara), sunnies - not a clue, earrings - Versace, rings - I'm not even going to go into it, or you could be reading this all day.

3: Top - Meshki (Do not order from here unless you want to pay more money in import taxes than the top cost itself, LOL), trousers - Zara, belt bag - Urban Outfitters.

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