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Lockdown Lusciousness


Soz, it's been a hot minute. Was feeling super uninspired on my blog at the beginning of 2020 because well, I was unemployed and it was pretty...well.. uninspiring...and I do this every time I decide to start posting more I know.... clearly consistency is not a strong point of mine!

Alas, I realised that I've just got to post as and when I'm feeling inspired otherwise the content is going to be boring AF! Ya feel me? Also somehow when I'm at home doing nothing, saving the world one toilet roll at a time, I have lots to talk about.... weird that.

SO I have some cute, comfy outfit inspo for those of you who want to look cute but also.... drumroll.... COMFY! WOOH! And what better time to post about comfort than when we are all sat at home doing f**k all, but wanna feel somewhat sassy when you're off out on your one exercise a day, ya know?!

Comfy Cosy and Colourful... what more could you want? YAAAAAAS!

PS. after editing these photos I realised how dutty my mirror was but, bare with, it will be cleaned A$ap Rocky.

Stay bubbly Ya'll...And stay home! Bye!

Outfit details: (From top row to bottom row)

1: Top - Lazy Oaf, shorts - Urban Outfitters, shoes - Buffalo.

2: Top - Lazy Oaf, shorts - Urban Outfitters, shoes - Buffalo.

3: Top - Urban Outfitters, trousers - Tommy Hilfiger, Headband - Roxy's scissors + top, shoes - Buffalo.

4: Top - Pretty Little Thing, trackies - Primark Men's, jacket - Zara, shoes - Buffalo.

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